July 2017

Lisa’s Nest: A Story of Limitless Love

Lisa's Bird Nest

This month marks the 6th year I have walked in Seattle’s SummeRun. My sister-in-law, Lisa, lost her battle with Ovarian cancer 5 years ago.  Our team, Limitless Love for Lisa, walks in her honor with family members and friends, to raise funds to benefit the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research. Our goal is to end this horrible disease. This year our team was a small, but mighty group.  Since some of us only connect annually at this event,  I always look forward to talking and walking with them. This year I walked most of the 3 miles with one of Lisa’s

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Atta-Girl: Why You Should Have an Appreciation Notebook

Appreciation Notebook

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have access to all the kind words of appreciation and encouragement that anyone has ever said to us? You know, on those days where you wonder why you do what you do, or when life sends a curve ball your way. Or when you just need to be reminded that people do appreciate the work you’ve done. Many years ago, when I was having a bad day at work, a mentor of mine told me about an “Atta-Boy” file he had started.  He collected all the nice emails, cards, awards, sticky notes, and

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Lessons in Communication from the Great Sailing Adventure

Cornerstone Coaching and Training

“If we aren’t careful, we’ll be home ahead of schedule.” ~ Captain Randy While sitting on a deck at a local restaurant, watching the sailboats pass by, I had to laugh.  It looks so simple, so carefree, so unstressful. Just sailing in wind and enjoying the view.  But, I know better.  I remember my first big sailing trip with my cousin “Captain Randy”, and it was anything but carefree.  In my experience, sailing really comes down to this: a lot of (preferrably skilled) work and really good communication. The adventure started when Randy announced at a family reunion that he

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