August 2017

How to Facilitate Good Meetings: My Top 7 Tips

I’ve talked alot about the importance of running a good, efficient meeting, including how to  improve meeting engagement and how to end them well.  But, a good meeting only runs well if it is facilitated well from start to finish. Ever Been in Meeting Hell? When I’m in a poorly run meeting, I get distracted and find myself doing unproductive things like calculating the cost of the meeting (number of participants x approx cost per staff hour x number of hours/minutes). And if I’m distracted, there’s a good chance others are as well which means a whole lot of time

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How to Facilitate an Appreciation Circle


You shouldn’t say ‘I love you’ unless you really mean it. Then you should say it a lot. People forget that. ~ Jessica, Age 8 Studies have found that practicing appreciation can improve relationshps and motivate employees.  It can also increase wellness and lessen stress. In short, regular appreciation will not only boost performance and engagement, but also improve an employee’s health and well-being. There are certainly many ways to show appreciation.One of my favorites to use with a work group is to facilitate an appreciation circle. Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable Participating in an appreciation circle can be uncomfortable for some at

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