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How to Facilitate Good Meetings: My Top 7 Tips

I’ve talked alot about the importance of running a good, efficient meeting, including how to  improve meeting engagement and how to end them well.  But, a good meeting only runs well if it is facilitated well from start to finish. Ever Been in Meeting Hell? When I’m in a poorly run meeting, I get distracted and find myself doing unproductive things like calculating the cost of the meeting (number of participants x approx cost per staff hour x number of hours/minutes). And if I’m distracted, there’s a good chance others are as well which means a whole lot of time

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Generational communication tips: make your expectations clear

Cornerstone Coaching and Training

Last week I had the privilege of doing a workshop on generational communication for faculty and staff members at the Military Campus of Pierce College. The students they work with are serving in the military either locally, nationwide or overseas.  Most of there courses have a strong online component, making for many communication challenges. One of them is that they come from and serve all four generations in the work force today.  Just to review them (and maybe find yours), here are the approximate age groups for each generation: Traditionalists/Veterans –  over age 65; Boomers – ages 50-65; Generation X – ages 33-50;

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Communication lessons from Penny: Make yourself crystal clear

Copper Penny Whistle (we call her “Penny”) is our 2-year old mini dachshund.  She’s pretty smart.  Sometimes smarter than her human counterparts.  And, she is one of my best mentors in the art of clear communication. When Penny wants to go out, she runs to the treadmill and barks. It doesn’t really make sense. Or does it? The longer you know someone, the less you hear them.  As you become more comfortable and familiar with someone  – your  child, spouse, co-worker, even your pets – you take shortcuts. In short, you expect others to read your mind and respond to

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Do you make this communication mistake?

Cornerstone Coaching and Training

Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy. ~ Brian Tracy, Author   Have you ever asked someone to do something and got a different response than you expected?  Or worse, have you just assumed they know what you want? Making assumptions is one of the most common communication mistakes we make. Most of us have been guilty of making assumptions that people understand what we want, even when we don’t tell them what that is.  Then, we get upset when our undisclosed expectations aren’t met.  No wonder we struggle in relationships! To increase the success of your message being

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