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It’s a Wrap: Ending Meetings Well

Abrupt endings, or meetings that run over and don’t get finished can make for frustration, confusion and quite possibly end in a lot of re-work the next time you meet.  Or worse. It could mean that the meeting was perceived as a total waste of time. So it’s not only important to run your meeting well, but also to end it well. Here are some tips for making sure your meeting met your objectives, added value, and the next steps and follow-up are clear. Good meeting, everyone! Include in your agenda time at the end for the meeting to wrap up.  If

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Not enough coffee: 5 ways to rescue your meeting

Cornerstone Coaching and Training

Meeting Tolerance Quiz: 1. Would you rather have a root canal than attend your weekly staff meeting? 2. Does the meeting drag on to where you are making excuses to leave before it’s over? 3. Do you feel like most meetings are a waste of time, boring, or just plain stupid? 4. Is there not enough coffee in the world to keep you awake til the end? 5. Do you wish for a great interruption, or for someone to just come in and rescue you? If you answeed yes to any of these questions, you have been a victim of poor

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