Our Legacy

Since 1955, goal of Marson & Marson Lumber has been to bring high-quality products to the people that need them. It all started more than six decades ago, after the close of the Korean War, and with it, the end of Gordon Marson’s naval service and the beginning of his life with Marydell [maiden name]. Focused on becoming farmers, the two married and then moved to the Chumstick Valley, near Gordon’s Danish-immigrant parents.

In pursuit of fencing material for their livestock, Gordon made frequent trips to Leavenworth for goods. But before long, friends and neighbors were asking Gordon to bring them lumber, too. After several treks over the mountain and many “orders” filled, the Marsons knew they could provide a much-needed service to the people in their community and work with high-quality products they could truly stand behind.

Before long, they had bought a parcel of land – where the Leavenworth Marson & Marson location still resides today – and set up shop to make a go of their very own lumber business. Ken Marson Jr. was just nine months old.

After growing the Leavenworth location for nearly 40 years, in the early 1990s Ken Jr., now president, began seizing on opportunities for expansion, and three additional locations were added to the Marson Lumber family: Wenatchee (Year), Chelan (Year), and Cle Elum (Year). By [date of Cle Elem expansion], the Marsons were supplying lumber, hardware, and building materials to entire North–Central Region.

The Marson Difference

For more than 60 years, Marson & Marson Lumber has covered the North–Central Region better than anyone out there. Our full-service lumberyard operates four locations and employs more than 60 individuals to connect hundreds of customers with experts in a wide array of services, from flooring to roofing, and everything in between.

In 2017, Marson became a division Tum-A-Lum Lumber. Today, the organizations share the values upon each was built: loyalty, hard work, perseverance, and (perhaps most importantly) respect for relationships, including those with family, employees, customers, and communities.

For your every lumber and building need, Marson & Marson Lumber is the one to choose.


“Marson and Marson is suited to the same goals and principals that we’ve been trying to achieve.” – Ken Marson Jr.

“We have always treated people the way we wanted to be treated ourselves, and we’ve felt so fortunate to live in such a lovely area. We’ve tried to never take that for granted.” – Ken Marson Jr.

“We always remember that you have to treat people honestly and fairly; people don’t have to come shop with you. If you make mistakes, you fix it.” – Ken Marson Jr.